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Featured Orchid Care Products

   Orchid focus bloom 500ml

Orchid Focus Bloom 500ml
Supply your orchid with the optimum nutritional elements.

 Great value at £4.99
Also available in other sizes:
100ml - £2.99
300ml - £3.99


  orchid myst 750ml

Orchid Myst 750ml

A revolutionary new way to provide your orchid with all the necessary nutrients - both mineral and organic.
100ml - £1.99
300ml - £5.29
750ml - £9.99


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Welcome to Garden Luxuries, your online garden centre offering specialist garden supplies, featuring orchid care products, hydroponics, plant feed, garden gifts and bonsai items.

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Welcome to your online garden centre where you will find so many of the  garden supplies you need - both everyday and specialist. We stock all sorts ... from our attractive garden clocks and outdoor clocks to useful orchid care accessories - plus orchid feed and orchid compost. Our garden supplies include such specialist products such as Orchid Myst (we now stock 100ml, 300ml and 750ml) with its revolutionary new way to provide your orchid with all the necessary nutrients – both mineral and organic, specifically formulated to prolong the flowering of your orchid plant. We also offer various orchid feeds, including the Focus Bloom, Grow and Ultra ranges (We stock 100ml, 300ml and 500ml).

Then there's the Focus Range of plant feed and fertilisers, providing optimum nutritional requirements for a variety of plants, from camellia to chilli and palm to pelargonum ... Our online garden centre for garden supplies also provides an excellent range of bonsai pots, specialist bonsai soil and bonsai tools at competitive prices. With such a vast range of garden supplies from all the big manufacturers and specialist suppliers like Growth Technology with their hydroponics and propagation equipment along with products such as Root Riot cubes, Clonex gel, Formulex and Nitrozyme which will boost your success in propagation and hydroponics. Also Lorbex products including bonsai feed and soil, orchid compost and feed, eed and compost for carnivorous plants, as well as cactus feed and citrus feed.

As seasons come and go - rest assured that with our houseplant feed, as well as the renowned house plant Myst and outdoor fertilizers you can tend to your plants, whether indoor or outdoor, seeds or vegetables. Why not add our online garden centre to your favourites so you’re only a green fingered fingertip away from all your quality garden supplies direct to your door.
    If gardening itself is not your main interest, then why not take a look at our Gift Shop with a large selection of garden gifts for the avid ardener in your life, here you can find the ideal garden themed present, no matter what the season. You might also like to check out our range of garden clocks and outdoor clocks.
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   Chilli Focus garden products available from or garden centre    Growth Technology products in our garden shop   Orchid Focus for House and Garden supplies


  Growth Technology has been developing innovative horticultural nutrients, plant growth stimulaturs and garden supplies since it was founded in 1985, and continues to provide our online garden centre with an extremely high standard of speciality nutrient products like Orchid bloom, Orchid grow and Orchid Ultra that perform time and time again. Their Focus fertiliser range for various speciality plants like Camellia, Citrus, Olive, Palm, Rose and Bonsai are also very well respected and popular with specialist gardeners as well as Clonex rooting gel and mist.              

Bonsai Feed

Our online garden centre stocks a vast range of Top quality Bonsai Tools and Bonsai Pots from
all over the world. We have everything you need to pot your Bonsai and keep it growing happily, from specialist
Bonsai Compost to Japanese tools and Bonsai pots. We´ve even posted Bonsai repotting instructions to help you give the best possible care to your bonsai.


Have you checked out our outdoor clocks section yet? Our online garden centre is proud to be able to offer this range of garden clocks. With various styles on offer it won't be hard for you to find one from our selection of outdoor clocks which will complement your garden.
These garden clocks are made from weatherproof materials and last very well outside. Here at the gardenluxuries headquarters we have had one on our outhouse wall for just under 3 years and it still looks as good as new.
Some of the garden clocks in the section also come with a useful thermometer.

Our online garden centre is especially dedicated to orchid care. We want you to have the option of the best orchid feed and orchid compost for your prized plants. This is why we stock both Growth Technology´s Orchid Focus Bloom, Grow and Ultra as well as the much acclaimed Orchid Myst (now also available in 750ml). We are also happy to stock the Lorbex Orchids in Bloom feed. Both these companies have formulated their own specialist orchid compost to help your orchid from the roots up. As well as orchid care we also provide orchid accessories, supports, decorative clips and gifts.

The Oxford Dictionary describes Hydroponics as - The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil. However our garden supplies company knows that it is more than just a process, it´s an art!
Hydroponics comes from hydro- 'of water' + Greek ponos 'labour' + -ics
At our online garden centre we stock the basics for your hydroponics needs from Growth Technology´s pH buffer solutions, Nitrozyme, Formulex, Superdrive and pH meters. 

We are proud of our garden gifts section which houses many ideal garden gifts for the garden lover in your life. Not sure what to get them to mark that special occasion or do you just want to surprise them? No problem, you can find the ideal garden themed present in our garden gifts section. Even if you just want to get a little something, we have various garden gifts on offer under £5, so there´s no excuse!

Our Garden online garden centre is a great resource for all your garden supplies and garden products, we are very well stocked with all the essential gardening products to help you care for your garden. Providing specialist products for orchid care and Bonsai as well as many other specialist plants such as citrus, cactus, succulent and camellia.

The most popular products that we stock are Clonex Gel, Bonsai, food, various garden tools, Propagation Kits, Hydroponics solutions, Garden Clocks and Outdoor Clocks, Orchid Care Products, as well as Orchid Feed and Orchid Accessories, Plant Food, Various Garden Products and House Plant Products - including House Plant Myst.

Looking for the perfect gift or present for the gardener in your life? We have a great section of orchid and garden gifts, as well as various garden themed gift trugs, perfect for you to surprise them.